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Extreme Decalz

Boat Juice

Contains a SiO2 Ceramic Sealant leaving your boat glossy and spot free. Removes mineral deposits and hard water spots easily. At Boat Juice, we set out to create something better! Easy spray on, wipe off. Also works great on trailers! 
- Use on a wet or dry boat! -- Safe on all finishes including gelcoat, chrome, glass, vinyl, and plastics.

Ceramic Protection-
Advanced spray ceramic coating for boats, offering unparalleled durability and slickness. Shields your boat from oxidation and fading, ensuring long-lasting beauty. Maintain your boat effortlessly with Boat Juice Protection. Its user-friendly formula keeps your boat looking its best. Perfect for Boats, RVs, Cars, and Trucks, providing top-notch protection for various vehicles.
Leaves behind SiO2 Ceramic UV protection while you clean, and does NOT leave behind an oily or greasy feel. Safe on vinyl, upholstery, carpet, plastic, and foam flooring. Quickly penetrates to remove sunscreen stains, food spills, and ground-in dirt. Boat Juice Interior is a perfect balance between cleaner and UV protectant.
Water Spots-
Boat Juice Extreme effectively removes stubborn water spots, giving your boat a pristine, clear finish. It deeply cleans hulls, eliminating grime and buildup, restoring your boat's original shine. With its potent formula, it swiftly breaks down stains and spots, saving you time and effort. While powerful, it's also safe for your boat, causing no damage to the surface. This cleaner's effect endures, providing lasting protection against dirt and water spots.


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